The Big H Root Beer Extract

The history of root beer started in America in 1866 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Charles Elmer Hires, a pharmacist, created a health beverage using roots, herbs and botanicals and sold it to soda parlors and housewives. His new beverage started off slow, but quickly picked up speed when he introduced it at the 1876 Centennial Exposition. Soon the public found this new health- giving drink so tasty and refreshing that they began to drink it more for taste and pleasure than for medicinal purposes. Charles named his new drink Hires Root Beer and over time it became an American classic.

Hires Big H restaurants, no connection to Hires Root Beer, has been selling this American classic in its restaurants for more than 50 years. Many restaurant customers asked for an extract that they could take and make root beer at home. Hires Big H decided to develop its own root beer extract, called The Big H Root Beer Extract. Hires Big H sells The Big H Root Beer Extract through its restaurants, in local grocery stores throughout the western inter-mountain area of the United States and throughout the country on line. Family and friends enjoy making this homemade root beer tasty treat for dinners, parties, picnics and BBQs.

And making it is half the fun. So popular and tasty is The Big H Root Beer Extract that it won an award for the best tasting root beer in the State of Utah in 2011.

You are going to love this delicious homemade root beer:

And the recipe is so easy and fun to make:

  1. Mix one 4 oz. bottle of The Big H Root Beer Extract and 5 lbs. of sugar into 4 gallons of cold water and stir in an open food safe container.
  2. Break in 4 lbs of dry ice (can be purchased at most grocery stores) and stir for 15 minutes until carbonated.

...or make Homemade root beer ice cream:

You will need:

Combine and mix the above ingredients and then pour into your homemade ice cream maker and turn until the mixture becomes ice cream. Enjoy!

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